Store Policy

1. All products are the intellectual property of A&Y.

2. The sales conditions and prices are not debatable.
2.1 Products are sold with copy permissions only. For customisation use built-in scripts. For preview use demo versions.

3. All products are being finished creations and being sold as they are.
3.1 For most products demo versions are available, use them to try products before buying.
3.2 All products are fitted to human avatars. If the product doesn't fit your avatar - don't buy it.
3.3 There is no service of fitting the items to unusual avatars.

4. If you have not received your product or lost all copies you had, touch the vendor in the main store to re-deliver, or contact Anabel Crystal.
4.1 If you have bought same product twice, it can be replaced with other product of same price.
4.2 When contacting Anabel Crystal specify where you had bought the product (marketplace or in-world), for replacement name the desired product.